woensdag 17 juni 2009

The reptile example


Here is the report of a a one hour reptile survey at a place nearby. Not too many sightings, but good to get the broader picture. I have been walking letting cybertracker take a GPS reading every 20 seconds which are the small dots on the map. The graphs and maps are based on a query for the date I was surveying, selecting only the reptile sightings.

I added a picture view, displaying the picture I took of the lizzard that is in the active sighting.

There is also an efficiency graph showing I covered a distance of 1 km in one hour doing three sighings, which is not particularly good (takes time to take a picture of course, and lizards are easily scared away by quick movements.).

The map shows there is a preference for the western side of the field. Ecologically this can be explained by the great variation in the terrain there because there are some pits dug out and some piles of dead branches. The woods nearby give shelter to the dominant and cold and wet western winds that prevail in this country, while it is still far enough from the trees to receive the sunlight. The map itself is from Microsofts Virtual Earth which is integrated with Cybertracker.

In the far west there is a pond that is home to frog eating grass snakes, but this time I didn't spot any, but I have been walking around a bit there according to the tracker.
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